Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

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Our people are at the heart of everything we do and help to make Lincoln College one of the best colleges in Oxford to study and work.

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Faiza Ahmed

  • Lecturer in Law

Dr Dominic Alonzi

  • Study Skills Lecturer

Jose Maria Andres Porres

  • Lecturer in History

Professor Suzanne Aspden

  • Lecturer in Music
Headshot of George Booth, a man in glasses and a pink shirt

Dr George Booth

  • Study Skills Lecturer
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Professor Martin Booth

  • Lecturer in Engineering

Sophia Buck

  • Lecturer in German

Dr Esther Cavett

  • Lecturer in Music
Headshot of Dr Nafiz Chowdhury, a man in a grey suit and blue shirt

Dr Md Nafiz Chowdhury

  • Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering Science
  • Senior Research Associate
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Dr Harry Daniels

  • Lecturer in English

Dr Paul Dennis

  • Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Medical Sciences

Dr Marco Dorigatti

  • Lecturer in Italian

Dr Kirsty Duffy

  • Lecturer in Physics

Agnes Fanning

  • Lecturer in Spanish

Dr Muhammad Farid Ahmed

  • Lecturer in Macroeconomics

Peter Faul

  • Lecturer in Pure Maths

Dr Birte Feix

  • Lecturer in Medicine

Joseph Field

  • Lecturer in Applied Maths for Physicists

Ai Fletcher

  • Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
PHoto of Daniel Gerrard

Dr Daniel Gerrard

  • Study Skills Lecturer (Humanities/Social Sciences)
  • Director of International Programmes
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Dr Stephen Goddard

  • Lecturer in French

Catherine Holmes

  • Lecturer in History

Letitia Jean

  • Lecturer in Medicine

Adam Jones

  • Lecturer in Probability & Stats

Professor Martin Jones

  • Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry
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Pamela Lear

  • Lecturer in Medicine

Sven Luder

  • Lecturer in German

Alexander Middleton

  • Lecturer in History

Gabriel Moise

  • Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Simon Park

  • Lecturer in Portuguese
Headshot of Mark Roberts, a man in a purple sweater

Dr Mark Roberts

  • Lecturer in Biochemistry and Biomedical Science
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Emily Russell

  • Lecturer in Medicine

Amanda Salisbury

  • Lecturer in Medicine

Alexandra Savard-Chambard

  • Lecturer in French

Dr Harry Sidebottom

  • Lecturer in Ancient History

Dr Byron Spring

  • Lecturer in Modern Languages (German Literature)

Dr Felix Tennie

  • Lecturer in Physics

Joshua Thomas

  • Lecturer in Classical Archaeology
Photo of Marietta van der Tol

Marietta van der Tol

  • College Lecturer in Politics
  • Organising Tutor in Politics (PPE & HPOL)
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Dr Stephen Wright

  • Lecturer in Philosophy