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Applying to Oxford

To apply for an undergraduate course at Lincoln College, you will need to submit an application to the University of Oxford through UCAS. You can then nominate Lincoln College as your college choice by selecting UCAS campus code C on the online form.

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The UCAS application deadline for Oxford is 6pm on 15 October every year. More information and support about the application process can be found on the University website.

We assess applications holistically. Your personal statement, teacher’s reference (both of these are part of your UCAS form), admissions test performance and written work (if necessary for your course), help us to decide on the outcome of your application in conjunction with your predicted grades from school and college, or your actual grades if you have already completed your studies.

Admissions Tests and Written Work

Many subjects will require you to take a test and/or submit some written work as part of your application. The requirements to complete these will be the same regardless of the college that you apply to. Find out whether your course has a test and how you can effectively prepare. Written work requirements will vary between courses that need it, so check your subject on the University website.


Oxford interviews take place in December and are a part of the process that applicants often worry about, but we would like to reassure you! They are designed to imitate tutorials, which form a core part of teaching at Oxford. Interviews are looking for you to demonstrate your enthusiasm for your subject, your analytical skills and how you apply your existing knowledge to questions and scenarios that you may not have encountered before.

If you have any questions about applying to Lincoln College and what we can offer, you are welcome to contact the Admissions Officer.

We, as sixth form students, are told that Oxbridge is impossible so much more than we are told it is possible, and that’s not encouraging! When I came to interview, I was nervous about so many myths I’d heard that just aren’t true

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