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Lincoln is extremely engaged in the wider sporting life of the University, and there are opportunities for Lincoln students to get involved with sport at both the College and University level. Students receive free membership to the University gym and pool on Iffley Road, as well as access to the Lincoln College sports ground and boathouse.

Lincon Rugby team
Lincoln College Boat Club

Rowing is an extremely important part of the Oxford experience for many students, and the boathouse is rarely as busy as when much of the College goes out to support Lincoln boats in the termly tournaments! Beginners are very welcome and we have a large number of boats for both novices and more experienced rowers.

We also have an excellent sports ground at Bartlemas Road in Cowley with a modern pavilion, as well as access to tennis and squash courts for all students to use. There are a wide range of College sports teams for all levels, from football and netball teams, to basketball and pool, most of which require no previous experience to join. The College teams are great fun, as well as consistently successful (especially given the comparatively small size of Lincoln), and we regularly reach the Cuppers finals (University inter-college competitions) in a wide variety of sports.

Each year, the College also supports a number of ‘Blues’; students who compete in their respective sports for the University itself, which often includes matches against other universities at some of the best sports pitches in the country. In order to do this effectively, Lincoln has a ‘Blues Fund’ which assists towards the expenses of those who play in the University teams.

Current student, Sam Mendis

The sporting opportunities at Lincoln have continually been great as I have been involved in cricket, rugby, rowing, hockey, water polo, and even a spot of sailing.

Sam Mendis
  • Fourth-year undergraduate, Engineering Science
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