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Finance and Funding

It costs no more to attend the University of Oxford than it does to attend most other UK universities. At Lincoln College we subsidise food and accommodation, and have a very generous funding package to help support our undergraduate students.

Lincoln students in the JCR

We offer a large number of bursaries and hardship awards, as well as prizes for academic achievement, grants for travel, and funds to support extra-curricular activities; none of which need to be repaid and all of which are made in addition to any financial support you may get from the University of Oxford.

We want our students to get the most out of their time here, without having to worry about their finances.

To be considered for some of financial support at Oxford that looks at your household income, it is really important that you grant permission for you university to have access to this information when you apply for Student Finance (such as through Student Finance England). This will allow us to reach out to you to offer some of the financial support described below.

Anna Gunstone

Lincoln supports its students on an individual level, providing academic, welfare, and financial support where needed, and on a communal level through providing funding and facilities for projects and societies such as the Lincoln College Music Society and the annual musical production.

Anna Gunstone
  • Third-year undergraduate, Music
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