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Dr Mark Roberts

Dr Mark Roberts

  • Lecturer in Biochemistry and Biomedical Science


I studied Biochemistry as an undergraduate in Oxford, followed by a DPhil in Biochemistry studying chemotaxis in the soil bacterial Rhodobacter sphearoides. During that time I developed a strong interest in bacterial systems biology. My first postdoc was in the area of control engineering applying this to biological systems, followed by a further postdoc examining the role of cell division on bacterial signaling. From there I moved to Barts and the London Medical School at Queen Mary University of London. There my research turned to transcription and transport in the dental pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis. At QMUL I also developed using e-learning approaches to teaching and developed a strong interested in teaching public engagement with science. I returned to Oxford in 2020 in a teaching focused role, developing the Biochemistry undergraduate course. I joined Lincoln College in 2006.

College teaching

I teach Lincoln biochemists on Celluilar and Molecular Biochemistry in the first year of the course, and on Bacterial Systems, Molecular Biology Techniques and Data Analysis, on years 2/3. Many of these tutorials are linked with the lectures and practicals I am involved in at the Department. In year 4 of Biochemistry the other Lincoln tutors and I support our students in writing their MSc (Part II) dissertations and in preparing to defend their work.

I also teach  first year Medics and Biomedical Sciences students at Lincoln on aspects of Metabolism and Molecular Biology Techniques.


My research focuses on how we teach science and being a scientist effectively to undergraduates, in particular how we support practical laboratory sessions, how we teach data analysis, and the integration of e-learning approaches to do so. I also remain interested in bacterial systems including Porphyromonas gingivalis and synthetic biology approaches using bacterial cells.

I am currently a member of the FEBS Science and Society Committee. I was a member of the biochemical society education committee along with the education policy member of the biochemical society policy advisory panel.

Select publications

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