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Excellent teaching and academic support underpins an Oxford education, for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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Tutorials set undergraduate teaching at Oxford apart; it is a conversation normally between two or three students and their tutor. As an undergraduate, you will usually have one or two tutorials every week at Lincoln College. They normally last an hour during which time your tutor will give you and your tutorial partners feedback on prepared work and discuss particular topics.

In preparation for each tutorial, you will usually complete a piece of work which will be set by your tutor. Independent studying is a core part of learning at university and Lincoln College has a spectacular library for you to use alongside Oxford’s other extensive libraries.

Tutorials are a great way to explore new ideas and develop your critical thinking skills, which employers are looking for in Oxford graduates. They also allow tutors to support your progress andExc help you to overcome any issues as they arise, rather than having to wait a long time for feedback.

As well as tutorials at the College, depending on your course you will also have a combination of seminars, lectures, lab work, and language classes each week. All of our undergraduate courses are full-time, and on average our students spend around 40 hours a week studying.

As a graduate student, much of your teaching and supervision will come from your department or faculty. You will also have a College Advisor, normally a College Fellow in a relevant discipline, who will support your studies and monitor your progress.

The small group teaching style of tutorials makes for an atmosphere where you feel comfortable having a go at a question and engaging in the conversation without feeling intimidated or afraid - it’s definitely something that makes Oxford unique!

Stephanie Stankard
  • First-year undergraduate, Chemistry
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