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Supporting an Applicant

As a parent or carer, supporting your child or ward's application to Oxford University can be a rewarding and important role. Here are some ways you can support and guide your child throughout the application process.

Supporting an Applicant
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Above are some ideas about how you can support an applicant to Oxford. It is important for all applicants to have an understanding of the various steps involved and the things that make the process a little different from other universities they may be considering.

Parents and carers are in a unique position in a young persons life, to support, advise, and encourage them, and we provide these web pages to hopefully help you in that. One of the things we wan to help you, in particular, with is confidence to know that any applicant you help get here will be in a fantastic environment with all the benefits that an Oxford education can bring.

There is no 'Oxford-type' and their are almost 12,000 undergraduate students at Oxford, 300 here at Lincoln College, from all types of UK school, and from all over the world. As the University states "Oxford is committed to recruiting the very best students nationally and internationally
through an equitable process based on achievement and potential." We support and strive for this at Lincoln College also.

For ideas about where to go next, have a look at the links below, and get more information about the rest of the process and more things happening at Oxford.

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