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Preparing an Application

On this page we have a short guide to an Oxford application. We understand that applying to Oxford is a little bit different to some other universities, as generally our deadlines are earlier and there are a few extra steps that we are very keen to make you aware of. Below is an annotated guide to the application timeline. Click on each hotspot to learn more about each step of the process.

time line of an Oxford application
Application Cycle
Skyline of Oxford buildings, featuring a weathervane

Above is the annotated timeline for making an Oxford application. We really hope that this helps explain the differences and extra steps that are in an Oxford application.

The key points are that applications to Oxford have to be made much earlier than to most other universities, our deadline for applying is October 15, when many other universities will have a deadline in the following January. It is very important to note and consider this in good time, and do not miss it.

Additionally, an application to Oxford includes extra steps, particularly Admissions Tests and Interviews, and any applicant who wants to be successful needs to take these into account. The annotated timeline above goes into further detail on each step, including some links to other resources. You may also wish to consider some of the resources highlighted below.

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