Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

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Our people are at the heart of everything we do and help to make Lincoln College one of the best colleges in Oxford to study and work.

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Headshot of Peter Babadu, a man in a white shirt

Peter Babudu

  • Member, Anti-Racism Commission
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Headshot of Arnau Bertran, a young man in a blue-grey sweater

Arnau Bertran

  • Guest Author
Photo of Hetty Bieber

Hetty Bieber

  • JCR Environment and Ethics Officer
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Alex Bradley - recipient of the Blues Fund

Alex Bradley (2016)

  • DPhil Mathematics
Photograph of Henry Brown, a young man in black tie, in a group of other students

Henry Brown

  • Guest Author
Headshot of Louise Burrett, a smiling young woman wearing a black top and a Lincoln College branded black puffer jacket

Louise Burrett

Yelizaveta Crofts

  • Guest Author

Tom Daggett (2008)

Headshot of Patrick Duffy, a smiling young man in a suit, with logos of the Northern Standard in the background

Patrick Duffy

  • Guest Author
Photograph of Amy Dunning in a tshirt and coat

Amy Dunning

  • JCR President (2019-20)
Headshot of Hannah Gardiner, a woman in a black top and jacket

Hannah Gardiner

  • Third-year undergraduate
Photograph of Micon Garvilles, a young woman in a black cardigan holding a glass of red wine

Micon Garvilles

  • Guest Author
Headshot of Christine Hann, a woman in a white dress.

Christine Hanna

  • Guest Author
Photo of Lutong Hao in fencing kit

Lutong Hao

  • Guest Author
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René Lavanchy

  • MCR Environment Rep
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Joe Mason

Photograph of Heather McTaggart, a young woman in a blue Lincoln College Women's 1st Boat t-shirt, in front of a river

Heather McTaggart

  • Guest Author

Beatrice McWilliams

  • Green Impact Project Assistant
Headshot of Steve Miley, a man in a pink shirt

Steve Miley

  • Guest Author
Photograph of Angeliki Brazeau, a woman wearing a long coat, against a snowy background

Angeliki Myrillas-Brazeau

  • Guest Author
Greyscale photograph of Sonali Naik, a woman with earrings and a necklace

Sonali Naik KC

  • Chair, Anti-Racism Commission
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Headshot of Alice Parkin, a young woman in a blue and white striped sweater

Alice Parkin

  • Guest Author; Graduate Archive Assistant
Headshot of Nupur Patel, a young woman in a scarf and red coat

Nupur Patel

  • MCR President (2019-20)
Photograph of Ellen Paterson, a young woman in subfusc

Ellen Paterson

  • Guest Author
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Dr Tom Pert

  • Guest Author
Pathfinder Year 9 student, Faye Platt

Faye Platt

  • Age 14, from Guilsborough Academy (Northamptonshire)
Headshot of Amy Pryce Jones, a young woman in glasses and a white top, holding a drink with a lemon in it

Amy Pryce-Jones

  • JCR Environment and Ethics Rep
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Rebecca Scholefield

photo of Roger Shakeshaft surrounded by garden plants

Roger Shakeshaft

  • Alumnus, 1953
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Photo of Amanda Shi standing in front of trees

Amanda Shi

  • MCR Environment Rep
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Headshot of a current student, Sophie Sims

Sophie Sims

  • Third-year undergraduate
Photograph of Lavanya Singh, a young woman in subfusc, holding a mortarboard.

Lavanya Singh

  • Guest Author
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Oliver Snaith

  • Archivist (Literary and Scientific Papers Project)

Chelsea Souza

  • Chapter leader, Washington, DC
Headshot of Steph Stankard, a young woman with long brown hair, wearing a necklace and a blueish-grey cardigan

Stephanie Stankard

  • First-year undergraduate, Chemistry

Jon Starkey

  • First-year undergraduate, Chemistry

Diana Steel (1985)

Photo of Michael Steiner in black tie

Michael Steiner

  • Alumnus, 1958
Headshot of Evie Sutcliffe, a smiling young woman in a boat on a river

Evie Sutcliffe

  • Third-year undergraduate, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Headshot of Baptiste Verney, a man wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt

Baptiste Vasey

  • Guest Author
Headshot of Connor Walton, a young man in a blue sweatshirt

Connor Walton