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Undergraduate admissions: Oxford Admissions Tests

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What are Oxford Admissions Tests and what are they for?

For many Oxford courses, part of your application will include sitting an admissions test. We conduct admissions tests in order to have a standardised piece of information by which to compare applicants.

Our tests are designed to test skills, not prior knowledge, but you should look at past papers to prepare yourself for the length and format. For some science tests we may expect you to be able to use certain formulae that you should have encountered as part of your A-levels (or equivalent qualifications), so revising those is helpful. For all tests, practicing is a very good idea. As always, your class teachers are good people to ask for advice.

Pay attention to the registration deadlines!

The deadline for registering for these tests is 15 October (the same date as the UCAS deadline for Oxford applications). The one exception is the LNAT test for Law which you must take before 15 October.

This is a separate process and is not linked to your UCAS form, so you must make sure to register for these tests by the deadline. To find out about the test for your subject, please visit this page and select your subject.

When and where do I take these tests?

You will sit these tests (with the exception of LNAT) in an approved test centre and for most people this means their school. To help avoid crowding we have split our tests across two dates. The date you will sit the test this year will be either 3 November or 4 November 2021, depending on the test, so please check carefully which date your test falls on and make sure you are available.

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