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Welfare and Faith

We are a friendly and supportive community and want to help you get the most out of your time here. The College and the wider University offer a huge amount of support for students and there is always someone available to talk to. We are an inclusive College with an active Chapel and Prayer Room.

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Lisa Stokes-King, our welfare coordinator,  is available to talk to about any concerns you may have, whether chatting over a cup of tea or pointing you to the many sources of support available to students. Our Chaplain is also available to chat to student about their concerns.

There is a variety of help for you here. Current students can visit our our Welfare and Health page to find out about medical and mental health support offered by the College and externally, including information about:

  • what to do in an emergency
  • contact information for people you can contact within College if you're having any difficulties or problems, including: peer supporters; welfare reps; LGBTQ+ and Peers of Colour Supporters; the Welfare Co-Ordinator; and Harassment Advisors.
  • booking appointments with our College nurse and counsellor
  • helpful resources outside of College, including the University's Counselling Service and other supportive resources, Oxford Nightline, Oxford Samaritans, the Student Advice Service and more.

Disability resources

If you have any long term and ongoing condition that impacts your daily life, help is available to you via the University’s Disability Advisory Service, and in college. If you would benefit from support for sensory or mobility impairments, long-term health conditions, specific learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions or mental health difficulties, for example, we offer help. Adjustments are made on an individual basis, so we work with you to determine what support is appropriate. This can range from additional time in exams to fitting accommodation with specialist equipment to support your comfort and safety. If you wish to talk to us about the kinds of support available to you if you were to apply to Lincoln College, please contact our Disability Coordinator.



We hold regular services during full term to which all members of the College and their guests are welcome. Most services are followed by refreshments. The Chapel is a beautiful, peaceful space and is usually open for students, Fellows, and staff for quiet reflection and prayer.

Prayer and Quiet Room

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This space has been provided for Lincoln College students of all religious viewpoints or of agnostic views. It can be used for private prayer of all faiths, and for peaceful contemplation, meditation, and healthy quiet time. Appropriate washing facilities are provided.

The room is located in staircase 14 and is a silent, mixed-gender, and mixed-faith space for all students of the College. Please note that a maximum number of four students may use this space at the same time.

Current students can find more information here.

Patrick Hayes

My friends and college welfare services (including our amazing chaplain!) turned out to be pretty wonderful sources of support.

Patrick Hayes
  • Third-year undergraduate, History
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