Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy


Lincoln retains Gold in Green Impact

10 Jul 2024

Peter Nitsche-Whitfield holding the award

We are delighted to announce that Lincoln College has been awarded a Gold Green Impact Award in the 2023-2024 Sustainability Showcase and Celebration. This means we have now received Gold for two consecutive years, allowing us to aim towards the Beyond Gold category next year.

Green Impact is a national scheme providing simple and effective ways for staff and students to make their buildings, departments or colleges more sustainable. Lincoln’s Green Impact Team is made up of students and staff working together to make College more sustainable from biodiversity to emissions and waste.

A huge thank you to the dedicated and hardworking students who have made this possible. Thanks in particular to the Sustainability Officer Peter Nitsche-Whitfield, Hetty Bieber (outgoing JCR Environment and Ethics Officer), Isabelle Gregory (incoming JCR Environment and Ethics Officer), Amanda Shi (MCR Environment Rep), and Mike Hawkins (Head Gardener) for their efforts in putting together our submission.

Isabelle Gregory said: "Participating in Green Impact this year has been an amazing opportunity for me to join a friendly team of like-minded people with a determined spirit. I have enjoyed working with the team and receiving guidance from Peter to create student-led change at Lincoln, and this opportunity inspired me to run for JCR E&E Officer. I am looking forward to taking on this role next year and continuing my work with the Green Impact team; we want to be the best that we can, and I look forward to aiming for Beyond Gold!"

Peter Nitsche-Whitfield (pictured) said, "Receiving Gold for two years in a row confirms the success of our work to make Lincoln more sustainable. From running our own biodiversity photo competition, to beginning work on Museum road’s new solar panels and having our first bike day, there is a lot happening at Lincoln.”

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