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Rooms are booked via our Accommodation Portal and priority is given in the following order:

  • Graduate Scholars with allocated accommodation
  • PGCE students
  • Graduate students domiciled overseas, including Erasmus
  • All other graduate students domiciled within the UK

Within each priority band, accommodation is awarded on a first-come-first-served basis. Students within each priority band will be notified in advance of the date their accommodation bookings open and the window within which bookings can be made. The allocation of rooms from second year onwards is decided by a ballot, run by current graduate students.

Graduate Accommodation


We have three complexes of graduate accommodation in the city centre: Bear Lane (three minutes’ walk from main College), the EPA Centre on Museum Road (10 minutes’ walk), or Little Clarendon Street (13 minutes’ walk). All rooms have access to kitchens, and all rooms at the EPA and Little Clarendon Street have en-suite bathrooms.


There is a wide variety of accommodation available across the three sites, and rooms are available at varying price points (bands A to D). Rooms have been designated their band based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, noise, natural light, amenities, room size, whether it has an en suite, the number of people sharing a kitchen etc.

For 2024-25, the prices according to band are as follows:

Band A = £31.65 per night / £8197.35 per year (based on a 37 week contract)
Band B = £30.40 per night / £7873.60 per year (based on a 37 week contract)
Band C = £28.40 per night / £7355.60 per year (based on a 37 week contract)
Band D = £25.35 per night / £6565.65 per year (based on a 37 week contract)


Rooms are let for the academic year (37 weeks) with the option to extend into the Summer Vacation. Students looking to start their courses in Hilary or Trinity terms will need to contact the Accommodation Office for availability the term before.

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