Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

Thomas Netterus Waldensis – Doctrinalis fidei catholicae part 2. England, c.1420. Donated by Richard Fleming.


  • Cleaned, humidified and flattened creases in pastedown, folio 1 and curled fore-edge of folio 2.
  • Curled edges of 50mm tear at tail of upper pastedown brushed with isopropanol and flattened between blotters. Upper pastedown humidified using capillary matting through Goretex and dried clipped to a board to prevent shrinkage. Tear repaired with parchment adhered with warm gelatine.
  • Torn area around third support reinforced with Japanese Kozo tissue adhered with warm gelatine. Small tabs of Kozo paper attached to ends of tears to prevent further tearing.
  • Upper joint repaired with tabs of aerolinen, ends frayed, pasted onto spine panels beneath board leather and adhered with wheatstarch paste. Kozo paper toned with liquid acrylics pasted on aerolinen, before spine leather replaced.
  • Splits at head and tail of lower joint repaired in the same way.
  • Lifting areas of leather at board edge re-adhered with wheatstarch paste.
  • New kasemake box.

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