Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

St Chrysostom – de compunctione cordis. Also St Chrysostom – Quod nemo potest laedi nisi a semetipso and St Bernard of Clairvaux – Sermones in Dominicis et festis per annum. England, 15th and 13th centuries.

Before treatment


  • Spine piece and board covering along the joint lifted on both sides.
  • Spine cleaned of previous animal glue with wheatstarch paste poultice applied through lens tissue.
  • Japanese Kozo tissue adhered with wheatstarch paste to spine with 15mm extensions onto board under lifted leather.
  • Friebe cotton spine linings adhered to spine and upper face of boards underneath lifted leather.
  • Kozo paper toned with liquid acrylics adhered along joint and to cover areas of loss on spine, before the original leather was adhered back in place with wheatstarch paste.
  • f.89 long tear repaired with hidakawashi tengu tissue adhered with gelatine mousse on both recto and verso.
  • f.107 humidified using a blotter through Goretex and dried clipped to a board to prevent shrinkage.
  • Partially detached endband resecured with Barbour cotton thread toned with watercolour paint.

During treatment

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