Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

Caecilius Cyprianus – Epistola ad Donatum and 18 other works.


  • Head and tail panels lifted and spine cleaned with a poultice of 6% Culminal Methylcellulose in deionised water.
  • Headband stabilised with four loops of linen thread, ends frayed and pasted to spine. Toned with watercolour paints.
  • Head and tail panels lined with extended spine linings of RK17 Japanese paper followed by Arville aerocotton.
  • Leather partially-lifted at other panels from both joints, and aerocotton tabs adhered beneath leather for later board attachment.
  • Linen thread fed behind each sewing support at left joint (4-6 lengths at each) to form extensions of the supports to sew around.
  • Two guards of K36 Japanese Kozo paper were pasted to concertina pastedown. These were then sewn through onto the thread support extensions with seaming twine to ‘close’ the concertina and to form a mechanical attachment between board and textblock.
  • Thread support extensions frayed and pasted to upper board beneath leather.
  • Paper and cotton spine linings and tabs adhered to both boards beneath leather to fully attach and stabilise boards.
  • Repairs covered with toned K36 Kozo paper along both joints.
  • Leather re-adhered over repairs.
  • Dots of dry wheat starch paste used to adhere lower pastedown to board where it was lifting at the corners.
  • Bespoke Kasemake box made.

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