Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

Mitre Floor Plans

Here you can find floor plans of the refurbished Mitre. To find out more about the individual rooms and naming opportunities, please click on the interactive circles. All gifts can be made over a period of five years and information about tax efficient giving can be found below. Please contact the Development Office if you would like further information on naming opportunities.

Tax efficient giving for UK donors

Based on a 40% tax rate
Actual gift Yearly gift amount (over 5 years) Gross value of gift to Lincoln Net value of gift to donor after tax reclaimed
£40,000 £8000 £50,000 £30,000
£20,000 £4000 £25,000 £16,000
£15,000 £3000 £18,750 £12,000
£10,000 £2000 £12,250 £7,750

First Floor Mitre

First floor plan of the Mitre building
First Floor Mitre

Second Floor Plan

Second floor plan of the Mitre building
Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Third floor plan of the Mitre building
Third Floor Plan

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