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Apply for a Keith Murray Graduate Scholarship

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The Keith Murray Graduate Scholarships were founded in 1983 by friends of Lord Murray, Rector of Lincoln College from 1944-53 and subsequently Chairman of the United Kingdom’s University Grants Committee, to honour his achievements and to commemorate his eightieth birthday.  They are open to graduates from outside the United Kingdom who are accepted for a graduate degree programme at the University of Oxford.


The award will cover the costs of the course fees for the normal period of fee liability of the award-holder’s programme, provided that there is no substantial change to the award-holder’s funding arrangements. Award-holders will be required to make an annual financial declaration showing all sources of funding for the costs of their degree.


The award is available to support graduate taught degree candidates from overseas in any subject. Applicants must already hold an offer of a place at the University of Oxford to begin a graduate taught degree programme in Autumn 2025 before applying for this Scholarship. Preference will be given to those applicants who have not previously studied in the UK. Applicants who have already secured partial funding for their degree course from other funding bodies are welcome to apply. Applications will be assessed on the candidate’s academic excellence and, especially, on their potential to make a significant extra-curricular contribution to the life of the College in general, whether in the arts, student leadership, community service, sport or any other such field. Evidence of academic achievement will be taken from each applicant’s Oxford University Graduate Application form. Candidates will be asked to give permission for the Keith Murray Trustees to view their University of Oxford graduate application forms as evidence of their academic excellence. Applicants are required to submit a separate personal statement in support of their application for this scholarship, describing their most important extra-curricular activities and ambitions and to arrange for personal references to be submitted that are specific to this aspect of their application. The Trustees will pay particular attention to the referees’ comments on each candidate's extra-curricular activities.

Application Procedure

Please complete the form below by 1 May 2025.

All enquiries should be directed to the Admissions Officer, Mr Richard Little, on

Application form

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