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Creating Tutorial Reports on TMS

The Teaching Management System (TMS) is a system for academic and administrative staff involved in undergraduate teaching in colleges and departments. Please see below for a guide on how to create Tutorial Reports through TMS. To view screenshots of each step, please click on the thumbnail exhibits below.

  1. Go to Teaching Menu > My teaching Arrangements
  2. Click on Arrange Teaching > College Teaching
  3. Fill in the details, then click next
  4. If you’ve logged in as a tutor, you’ll see your own name here so you don’t need to add a tutor. You then need to add the students for that paper
  5. You can search for individual students, or filter by college, subject or year. Select the students and click ‘add students’
  6. Reports now appear next to the student for you to edit.
Step 1
Screenshot of the webpage, with an arrow highlighting the menu option 'My Teaching Arrangements' under 'Teaching Arrangements'
Step 2
Screenshot of the My Teaching Arrangements webpage, with arrows highlighting a dropdown box in the top-right corner - 1 highlighting the header 'Arrange Teaching' and 2 highlighting the option 'College Teaching'
Step 3
Screenshot of the webpage with the 'Add a Teaching Arrangement' form, with an arrow highlighting the 'Next' button at the bottom
Step 4
Screenshot of the webpage for an archaeology class, with an arrow highlighting an 'Add Students' button
Step 5
Screenshot of the webpage, specifically 'Add Students to A/S - Lincoln', with an arrow highlighting a 'Keyword search' box
Step 6
Screenshot of the webpage for an archaeology class, with an arrow highlighting an 'Academic Report' button next to student information

If you have any questions, please visit the main support page or contact the College Office.