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Denys Karlovskyi article published in St Anthony's Review

13 Dec 2023

We're delighted to announce that Denys Karlovskyi's (2022) research article has been published in the Oxford student-run peer-reviewed journal, St Antony's International Review. The article examines the changes to the constitutional regime in Ukraine in the wake of 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A young man, Denys Karlovskyi, in sub fusc standing in front of the Oxford Radcliffe Camera

The article, Shaping Post-War Ukraine's Political Regime: Competitive Authoritarianism or Turn to Presidentialism?, examines the changes to the constitutional regime in Ukraine in the wake of 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. It explores how Ukraine's political regime has been shifting into a more centralised constitutional arrangement with the President and the security agencies taking a more prominent role. In the light of martial law, the parliament and the cabinet of ministers have seen their respective veto power decreased. For the forecasts of what is about to unfold next, Denys uses public opinion polls and on-the-ground reporting of the current affairs in Ukraine. His argument concludes that an authoritarian regime in Ukraine is unlikely to calcify because the civic society, the military and the Western partners still retain influence over the changes to the constitutional framework of Ukraine. However, it is definitely changing into a regime with a more prominent role for the President.'

Denys, a Sloane Robinson/Weidenfeld-Hoffmann scholar 2022-2023, said, "Given that my degree at Oxford, a Master of Public Policy, was a highly intenstive, one-year programme with endless networking activities and deadlines, sitting down to research and write an academic article about a particularly sensitive topic is not an easy task to do at my leisure. I would not have been able to finish if it were not for the conducive environment in Lincoln College with unparalleled library and unique people that help scholars to pursue their passions and interests. Last but not least, it is my fellow Lincolnite Robin Mitchell who encouraged me to submit my research article to the journal and showcase my expertise on the topic."

Read the full article HERE. Please be aware that the link redirects you to an external publication platform with a fee. However, the article is accessible through the SOLO for students, faculty and researchers.