Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy


Ascension Day 2024 Under Blue Skies!

9 May 2024

On Thursday 9 May, Lincoln College observed Ascension Day, a significant event in the Christian calendar that falls 40 days post-Easter and honours Christ's ascension into heaven as described in the New Testament. The day is marked with unique traditions in Oxford where local parish groups, including St. Michael at the Northgate and St. Mary the Virgin, ceremonially highlight the city's historic boundary stones by decorating them with chalk and tapping them with willow wands.

One such boundary lies in Front Quad, adjacent to the Hall entrance. Under clear blue skies, our neighbors from Brasenose College were greeted and invited to join in the celebration, enjoying Ivy Ale—a tradition rooted in a poignant historical incident. According to legend, this custom began after a Brasenose student, fleeing from irate locals, was refused refuge at Lincoln and met a tragic fate. In remembrance, Brasenose students are welcomed annually through a special door in the kitchen to partake in Ivy Ale, humorously intended to ensure their stay is brief.

The day was filled with festivities; the Lincoln Choir performed madrigals from the tower, and JCR and MCR Committee members distributed pennies to excited Year 5 children - from Combe C of E School - waiting eagerly below, who prudently donned hats for safety.

One student, Théo, said, "It was very, very fun getting to run around the grass collecting pennies. I was scared before I went out onto the grass, but it wasn't scary at all once I was out there!"

The celebration culminates at 6:00pm with a joint Holy Communion service in our chapel, featuring the Brasenose choir and guest preacher Rowan Williams, making for a memorable Ascension Day.