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Addi Haran Diman interviewed for the "Inspiring EDI People" series

17 Jun 2024

Photo of student sitting on a wooden bench

Lincoln DPhil student, Addi Haran Diman (2021, Politics), will start her tenure on 24 June as President of the Oxford Students' Union 2025-2025. She ran her campaign on the platform "a university that cares" with a pledge to increase welfare funding, hold a reading week referendum and “advocate for equality”. Her campaign also highlighted her work as the President of OULGBTQ Society.

Given her background as a trans woman and her unswerving commitment to creating a more inclusive environment - through political action and other avenues - she was selected for interview by the Equality and Diversity Unit (EDU) to be part of the Inspiring EDI People series. In her interview, Addi reflects on her time in the LGBTQI+ Society, her work to build community and foster inclusion, and how her experiences have transformed her and her approach to politicial action.

She said, “I was delighted to have the privilege of featuring in the Inspiring EDI People series of the EDU. I used it as an opportunity to reflect on my last three years as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and Lincoln College. If I was told three years ago that I would end up in this series, I would not believe it; I hope that this helps incoming queer students feel represented and be able to aim high.”

You can access the full interview and video here

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