Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

Treasures restored

Conservation is a vital part of the work we do with the College’s historic collections to ensure that these treasures can be safely handled by researchers and enjoyed by future generations of Lincoln College members. On March 30th 2019, we were delighted to welcome guests to the Lincoln Unlocked fundraiser in the Upper Library. As part of a convivial evening, guests generously sponsored work on the items on display, from cataloguing small collections and digitising important items to conservation work by the expert conservators at Oxford Conservation Consortium. Many interesting conversations were had with the items’ “champions”: a mix of Fellows, students, Library and Archive staff and conservators. Despite the interruptions of the pandemic, we are delighted now to be able to show you the completed conservation work that we have been able to undertake, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. You can see the full work undertaken here.

12th century Greek Gospels in an early Greek-style binding given by George Wheler.
Thick old book of Greek Gospels lying closed
12th century English manuscript owned by Robert Fleming
Beautiful open 12th century manuscript owned by Robert Fleming, with colourful text
John Wesley’s walking stick
Ornate gold bottom of a wooden walking stick
Lincoln College MS Hebrew 1 Roll of the Pentateuch
The mantle and scroll are pictured, housed in a box with a white tissue paper lining.
Lincoln College MS Hebrew 2 Roll of Esther
Partially unrolled roll with beautiful Hebrew script and four ornate woven ties of brightly coloured striped silk to tie the roll
An early 15th century English collection of sermons
Large 15th century manuscript open to the inside cover and beautifully illustrated first page. Three support slips laced into the upper board have worked free of their lacing exit holes, and in two cases, the wooden pegs which secure the slips are missing
Portrait of Thomas Marshall (1621-1685) Rector (1672- 1685)
Portrait of Thomas Marshall, D.D., 19th Rector and Dean of Gloucester
Learning from a damaged book
Three sections of a disbound book, including its damaged leather cover and some pages are laid out
The Edward Thomas papers 1895-1989
A rare 15th century book in its original binding
A closed 15th century book with leather binding over wooden boards
Thomas Marshall’s Bible
Very thick closed Bible, with numerous parchment tabs sticking out from between the pages
12th century Acts of the Apostles & 4 other works owned by Robert Fleming
A manuscript's spine is in the process of being restored, its boards being re-attached with Japanese paper and aerolinen spine linings secured with wheat starch paste and linen braids, sewn in place with linen thread

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