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Vacation Residence Grant

If you are an undergraduate student who has been granted, or has applied for, vacation residence at the end of Trinity term via the accommodation portal, then you may be eligible to apply for a vacation residence study grant of £11.84 per day. You may apply for a maximum of 21 days of vacation residence grant in any academic year (although this may be extended if you have public examinations in the vacation and/ or extended terms).

Vacation residence grants will only be granted for academic reasons. Academic reasons include: extended terms; working on projects, dissertations, or other formal coursework that require you to be in residence; or taking University exams (Prelims or Finals) that fall outside term. Vacation residence grants do not cover difficulty arranging travel on the specified return dates.

You can apply for a vacation residence grant using the form below.

The deadline for applying for a vacation residence grant is 11.59pm Sunday 2 June 2024. Applications open Friday 17 May 2024. 

Application form