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Alumna Emily Mortimer discusses the Future of Entertainment

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Lincoln's new podcast series, 'The Future Unleashed', launched today. In the first episode alumna Emily Mortimer (1990) shares her journey from an unexpected start in acting to her highly successful work as an actress, writer, director and film producer.

Mortimer discusses the evolution of her creative path, emphasising the shifting landscape of storytelling in cinema and television, particularly the push towards telling authentic female stories. She opens up about her initial struggles with confidence when transitioning to a directorial role, describing how she overcame feelings of impostor syndrome to embrace her new capabilities.

As the conversation delves into the implications of the #MeToo movement and the evolving roles of women in entertainment, Mortimer highlights the changing industry dynamics that are welcoming diverse, original voices, encouraging a new generation of storytellers to pursue their unique visions without compromise.

On how the film industry is changing following #MeToo

“I definitely think that things are changing. You just have to be on a film set to see all these conventionally male jobs, like the clapper loader, the focus puller or the DP, are now often done by a woman. That was never the case when I was young. Even the director and the editor. It is changing in a way that is really exciting.

“It’s important to me to be very excited by this moment, and to be very excited by the opportunities that are coming, but also to remain rigorous in the stories I'm trying to tell so that they're not just ticking a box.”

On authentic voices and sophisticated audiences

“We're emerging from this kind of reset moment. It feels like in order for things to be seen above the noise and to be heard, that people are going to have to find their authentic voices. Not just female voices, but men's voices too, anyone's voices! They have to be strong and authentic and themselves in a way that is actually the measure of something being good. So I'm hoping that that is what’s going to happen.

“I feel like audiences are becoming more and more sophisticated. They've seen so much. They've had access to so much. They have more of an appetite than maybe executives and the studios give them credit for. I personally feel optimistic about the way that the industry is going. There's been a huge democratisation of films and television and the way people watch things, which is ultimately good, even though there's been a lot of confusion.”

Lincoln in three words - beautiful, unstuffy and kind

“I think that Lincoln is really one of the most beautiful colleges there is, it's perfect. You come in here every time and you can't quite believe it's real. It's in the perfect little spot on the Turl, right in the centre of it all. It's very tucked away, but to me it never felt forbidding or foreboding. It felt nice and welcoming, and that you were going to be okay. I still feel that feeling today.

“I encourage anyone to really seriously consider Lincoln as a place to be, because it's really conducive to good spirits.”


The Future Unleashed is made possible through the generosity of Dr Sara Althari (2014), an alumna of Lincoln College, who developed this series with the College. You can find out more about Dr Althari here.