The Lincoln Annual Fund

The Lincoln Annual Fund was created to support the College’s most urgent priorities. Our Annual Fund gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to Lincoln and our donors play an essential role in supporting the College and its students.

Students in Chapel Quad

Your support of the Annual Fund – through gifts of all sizes - allows the College to fund its areas of greatest need, offer financial support to students when unplanned events arise, continue the unique Oxford tutorial system, and ensure that students are supported in pursuing extra-curricular projects and activities.

We are enormously grateful for donations to the Annual Fund, which are critical in allowing us to respond to financial pressures from the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, we are asking supporters to the Lincoln Annual Fund to designate their gift to the Area of Greatest Need, to assist the College in these exceptional circumstances. Your gift will be put straight to use to meet urgent operational costs and emergency student needs:

Area of Greatest Need (Covid-19 Appeal)

Unrestricted gifts give Lincoln the flexibility to seize opportunities and address unforeseen challenges as they arise as a result of Covid-19.

Whilst we are hugely grateful for gifts for a specific purpose, it is particularly helpful to receive unrestricted donations at this time. These are applied where the need is greatest: whether towards the shortfall in annual teaching costs, operating and student-related costs, maintaining our beautiful historic buildings, or other expenses.

Lincoln for Life Fund

Young alumni who matriculated within the last ten years can donate to the Lincoln for Life Fund. The fund was set up with the following aims:

  • To be a fund solely for gifts from young donors;
  • To be spent on a yearly basis on tangible projects suggested by the JCR, MCR, and the College, and chosen by our Lincoln for Life Committee;
  • To allow fundraising achievements to be publicised to young donors.
Support our Students

We want to ensure that Lincoln continues to attract the most academically able undergraduates, regardless of their family background or income. Our access and outreach work builds relationships with schools, while our ability to offer generous bursaries and other awards helps students when they get to Lincoln.

There’s also an urgent need to provide more bursaries and scholarships for our graduate students. Traditional funding sources, such as government grants, have been greatly reduced in recent years, while costs have increased. We would like, over the next few years, to be able to provide more fully-funded awards, and more awards for those taking a Master's course.

Support the Tutorial System

The cornerstone of a Lincoln education is the tutorial system. Students are stimulated and pushed beyond their comfort zone by our Fellowship. By attracting outstanding researchers, who are leaders in their subject areas, we will maintain the highest standards of academic experience for current and future generations of Lincoln students.

Support our Historic Spaces

Lincoln's historic quadrangles, our Library, and the treasures contained within, remain at the heart of the collegiate experience for all our members. Some of our most historic spaces now require attention, including the Mitre, the Chapel, the Beckington Room, the Kitchen, and the rooms formerly occupied by the legendary V. H.H. Green in Staircase 14.

Sports and Societies

Part of the Lincoln experience has always been to encourage participation in non-academic activities, whether at College or University level. We would like to be in a better position to support these activities, which range from the well-known, such as rowing, the Choir, and VacProj, to newer ones, like the Turl Street Arts Festival.

Fabio Morabito

This past year, Lincoln’s Chapel Choir has been on a tour to the US... We could have never had access to such an experience without our alumni’s generous gifts to the Annual Fund. Your support is what makes it possible for Lincoln to be the enabling community that we so warmly cherish.

Dr Fabio Morabito
  • Lord Crewe Junior Research Fellow in Music
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