Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy

Dr Sarah Cusk

Dr Sarah Cusk

  • Antiquarian Cataloguer


I joined Lincoln as the Library’s Antiquarian Cataloguer in 2014 after working with early printed books at a number of libraries and institutions including the Newberry Library in Chicago, the National Portrait Gallery, the Bibliothèque royale in Brussels, Dr Johnson’s House, and Sotheby’s. I have a BA in English Literature from Cambridge and an MA, MPhil and PhD in Comparative Literature from Columbia University in New York. Since 2020 I have been the Honorary Secretary of the Oxford Bibliographical Society.

As the College’s Antiquarian Cataloguer I am responsible for cataloguing the early printed books in Lincoln’s Senior Library. These books, which date back to the 15th century, are a rich source for our understanding of the history of Lincoln, its library and the College members who have studied there and I feel fortunate that my role involves telling at least part of this story.