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Lincoln’s Library dates back to the foundation of the College in 1427 and we have a significant collection of early printed books and manuscripts. To find out more about the history of the collection and its particular strengths visit Lincoln Unlocked.

We encourage all College members to visit the Senior Library. A good opportunity to do so is our Termly ‘Unlocking the Senior Library’ session, when you can drop in to see selected items from our historic collections and talk to us about them. Alternatively, contact our antiquarian cataloguer, Sarah Cusk, who will be happy to show you around.

We are keen to promote research into the collections. The College’s manuscripts, which are housed in the Weston Library, are mostly listed in Coxe, H. O. Catalogus codicum mss. qui in collegiis aulisque Oxoniensibus hodie adservantur. Oxonii : E typographeo Academico, 1852 [Lincoln College Library shelfmark B 011.31 Cox]. Manuscripts deposited subsequently are listed in College Library Manuscripts Deposited in the Bodleian not in Coxe, which is held at the Issue Desk in the Mackerras Reading Room of the Weston Library. To consult our manuscripts, you need a Bod card with manuscript permissions, which allows you to call them up to the Mackerras Reading Room.

Our early printed books are largely shelved in the Senior Library and we are in the process of cataloguing them onto SOLO, where you will find full descriptions of the individual copies held at Lincoln. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or have a more general question related to an area of interest, please contact Sarah Cusk, who will do her best to answer your question.

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