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Professor Roel Dullens

Professor Roel Dullens

  • Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Chemistry


I obtained my MSc in Chemistry from the University of Utrecht in 2001. In 2005 I completed my PhD in Physical and Colloid Chemistry at the same university, under the supervision of Professor Willem Kegel. After that I joined the group of Professor Clemens Bechinger at the University of Stuttgart as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow to work on optical tweezing in colloidal systems. In August 2007, I was appointed as a University Lecturer at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Oxford, combined with a Tutorial Fellowship in Physical Chemistry at Lincoln College. In 2014, I became Associate Professor and, in 2016, I was promoted to my current position of Full Professor of Chemistry. I have been the recipient of an ERC Starting Grant in 2011 and an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2016, and I was awarded the 2019 Corday-Morgan Prize and the 2019 McBain Medal from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

College teaching

I teach Physical Chemistry to the Lincoln chemists in the first, second, and third your of the undergraduate course. I also lecture on various courses in the Department of Chemistry ('Liquids and Solutions' and ‘Introduction to the Liquid State’) and supervise fourth year MSc (Part II) projects. Finally, I am the advisor of several Lincoln graduate students.


My research interests cover a wide range of topics in soft condensed matter, with an emphasis on colloidal systems. In particular, I combine the development of novel colloidal systems using synthetic colloid chemistry with state-of-the-art optical manipulation and imaging techniques to study fundamental problems in condensed matter science. My current research topics include the synthesis and characterisation of new colloidal model particles, two-dimensional colloidal systems, grain boundaries and other defects in colloidal crystals, manipulation of interfaces in colloidal systems, and driven colloidal systems.

Select publications

C. Fernández-Rico et al., Synthesis of colloidal SU-8 rods using Sonication, Adv. Mater. 31 1807514 (2019)

F.A. Lavergne et al., Dislocation controlled formation and kinetics of grain boundary loops in two-dimensional crystals, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 115, 6922 (2018)

B. Peng et al., Superparamagnetic nickel colloidal nanocrystal clusters with antibacterial activity and bacteria binding ability, Nat. Nanotech. 13, 478 (2018)

A.L. Thorneywork et al., Two-dimensional melting of colloidal hard spheres, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 158001 (2017)

M.J.P. Juniper et al., Microscopic dynamics of synchronisation in driven colloids, Nat. Commun. 6, 7187 (2015)