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Marietta van der Tol

Marietta van der Tol

  • College Lecturer in Politics
  • Organising Tutor in Politics (PPE & HPOL)


My research interest is in the comparative study of politics and religion, with an emphasis on political theories on space and othering. My book Constitutional Intolerance: The Fashioning of the Other in Europe’s Constitutional Repertoires explores the relationship between political othering, space, and the law, with chapters on France, the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary (forthcoming 2024).

I lead the interdisciplinary networks ‘Religion, ethnicity and politics in German, Dutch and Anglo-American contexts: nationalism and the future of democracy’ (with Dr Sophia Johnson) and ‘Protestant political thought: religion, state, nation’. There networks have curated several special issues, including ‘Rethinking the Sacred in Religion and Nationalism’ in Religion, State, Society and ‘Old Testament Imaginaries of the Nation in German, Dutch, and Anglo-American Protestant Political Thought’ in The Journal of the Bible and its Reception.

I studied at Utrecht University from 2009 to 2014 (LLM Hons in law, MA in history) and then at Yale University from 2014 to 2016 (MAR Hons in history of Christianity). My doctoral thesis, ‘Politics of religious diversity: toleration, religious freedom and visibility of religion in public space’ (Cambridge), explored expressions of tolerance and intolerance in contemporary constitutional law and politics in France, Germany and the Netherlands. I am a postdoctoral research fellow with the Alfred Landecker Programme at the Blavatnik School of Government and previously held a college lectureship in Comparative Politics at St Peter’s College, Oxford (sabbatical leave Dr Hartmut Mayer).

College teaching

I am responsible for the Politics teaching in college (PPE & HPOL) during sabbatical leave of Dr Jody La Porte. I teach the first year paper ‘Introduction to the Practice of Politics’ (Prelims), and the PPE core papers Theory of Politics, and International Relations.


M.D.C. van der Tol, Constitutional Intolerance: formations of the other in Europe’s constitutional repertoires (contracted & forthcoming, Cambridge University Press)

M.P. Rowley & M.D.C. van der Tol, A Global Sourcebook in Protestant Political Thought (contracted & forthcoming, Routledge)

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M.D.C. van der Tol & M.P. Rowley, ‘A posture of protest? The search for Christian identity in a post-secular society: between discontented eschatology and a sacralisation of history’, International Journal of Religion (2022), Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 101-113 (double blind review)

M.D.C. van der Tol, ‘The “Jew,” the Nation and Assimilation: The Old Testament and the Fashioning of the “Other” in German and Dutch Protestant Political Thought’, Journal of the Bible and its Reception (2021) Vol. 8, No. 2 (Special Issue ‘Old Testament Imaginaries of the Nation in German, Dutch and Anglo-American Protestant Political Thought, eds. S.R.C. Johnson & M.D.C. van der Tol), pp. 143-162 (double blind review)

M.D.C. van der Tol, ‘Openbare orde voorbij letter en geest: sociale normen en religieuze intolerantie in het staatsrecht’, Tijdschrift voor Recht, Religie en Beleid, (2021), Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 24-36. (On the use and abuse of the constitutional concept of public order in ethno-religious intolerance) (peer-reviewed)

M.D.C. van der Tol, Carys Brown, John Adenitire & Emily S. Kempson (eds.), From Toleration to Religious freedom. Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, Oxford: Peter Lang 2021 (double blind review)