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Dr Marcelo Goncalves De Martino

Dr Marcelo Goncalves De Martino

  • Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics


I did my undergraduate and Master's studies in Brazil, at the State University of Campinas, which happens to be my hometown. After my Master's degree, I spent one year at the Utrecht University, in the Netherlands studying about moduli spaces of curves. During my time at Utrecht I met Professor Opdam at the University of Amsterdam who supervised my PhD thesis entitled 'On the unramified spherical automorphic spectrum', jointly with Professor Heiermann at Aix-Marseille University.

College teaching

I teach courses related to algebra like linear algebra, rings and modules, groups and group actions, and topology.


My research interests lie in representation theory of reductive groups, specially the topic of unitary representations and the Langlands program. I am very keen on finite reflection groups and their fundamental role in controlling the combinatorics involved when dealing with algebraic groups.

Select publications

The Dunkl-Cherednik Deformation of a Howe duality (with D. Ciubotaru), Volume 560, J. Algebra (2020), pp 914-959. doi.

Dirac induction for rational Cherednik algebras (with D. Ciubotaru), Volume 2020, Issue 17, IMRN (2018), pp 5155–5214. doi.