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Full academic dress (sub fusc) must be worn at degree ceremonies. Students may wear their preferred items from the following list:

‘Dark’ in this context means dark grey, dark blue or black. Clothing must be plain; pinstripes and similar patterns are not permitted.

When wearing sub-fusc, your clothing must not leave any part of your legs, ankles, or feet uncovered.

The mortar board may be worn out of doors but must be removed and carried indoors.

Ministers of religion may wear clerical dress, with a gown over, when attending ceremonies.

If you wear a head dress / scarf for religious reasons, a black scarf should be worn.

Members of the armed forces may wear service dress under their gown, in place of sub fusc. This is only applicable to members of The British Armed Forces in the UK. Uniform caps should be removed when indoors.

All students, except those having a doctorate conferred, can arrive at the Sheldonian wearing the gown of the degree which they are going to have conferred at the ceremony, and then add the hood at the appropriate time during the ceremony. It is important that all students should bring their mortarboards with them (or arrange to hire one).

Doctoral candidates must wear the gown (and hood) of their current Oxford status to the ceremony (if you have no other Oxford degrees, this means your graduate gown). Candidates then change into the DPhil gown once their degree has been conferred.

It is recommended to hire the necessary gowns which can be arranged through College (and should be paid for on collection – approximate hire cost £45 per gown). We assume that candidates can provide their own graduate gown and mortarboard unless they tell us otherwise.

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