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Borrowing Books

Using the Self-issue Machine

N.B. If you do not put the book(s) on the bookplate, they may be checked out by the system, but the tag will not be de-sensitised and will trigger the security gate alarm. Should you be unlucky enough to trigger the alarm, please write in the blue folder on the desk beside the security gates.

Self-Issue Not Working

If self-issue doesn’t work, this is usually for one of four reasons:

  1. Your University Card may not be registered for this Library yet: in which case, contact a member of library staff who will be able to register you.
  2. You are trying to borrow a confined copy of the book. These may only be used in the Library.
  3. You may have had your account placed on Admin Hold because you have exceeded the fines limit of one of the University libraries. If so, you need to pay off some of the fine at one of the Bodleian Libraries in order to resume using self-issue. Lincoln Library staff can issue the books for you during office hours instead.
  4. The self-issue machine may not be working or out of order.

Please let Library staff know during office hours or the Lodge staff know at other times (dial 79800 from the telephone on the issue desk) and they can restart the machine to try to fix it. If the Lodge are unsuccessful, please make a note of any books you are removing from the Library in the blue Alarm Folder on the desk at the entrance, making sure to include the barcode inside the front cover of each book. You will need to bring the items in during office hours to have them de-sensitised, to prevent them triggering the book alarm every time you bring them into or out of the Library.

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