Front Quad of Lincoln College, the walls covered in bright green ivy


Lincoln College Summer School in Greek Palaeography

The Lincoln College International Summer School in Greek Palaeography offers a five-day introduction to the study of Greek manuscripts through ten reading classes, three library visits, and four thematic lectures. The eighth Summer School takes place at Lincoln College on Monday 25 July.

Image from a Greek summer school of a group peering at an open manuscript being explained by a man in a white suit


The school does not charge student fees. Students are individually responsible for their transportation and living expenses in Oxford. A few bursaries, covering housing (but no board), will be awarded to particularly deserving applicants.

Daily schedule

9:00-11:00 reading class, 11:15-13:00 library visit, 13:00-14:45 lunch break, 14:45-16:45 reading class, 17:00-18:00 lecture. A final written examination will be administered on the Saturday.


Georgi R. Parpulov (PhD Chicago), Christos Simelidis (DPhil Oxon.), Dimitris Skrekas (DPhil Oxon.).


Past lecturers have included Nigel G. Wilson FBA (Oxford), Prof. Marc Lauxtermann (Oxford), Prof. Leslie Brubaker (Birmingham), and Prof. David Parker FBA (Birmingham).


Note: The school is intended for students of Classics, Patristics, Theology, Biblical or Byzantine Studies. Potential applicants are advised that it only offers introductory-level instruction in Greek palaeography and codicology. Adequate knowledge of Greek is a must for all students.